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Top Things to See & Do In Chinchilla

Top Things to See & Do In Chinchilla
on 15 August 2021 in Events & Entertainment

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Chinchilla, you’ve come to the right place. From quirky celebrations to walking through history, brace yourself for this awesome list containing Chinchilla’s best attractions.

Visit the Big Watermelon

Did you know that Chinchilla is responsible for around 25% of Australia’s honeydew, watermelons and rockmelon production?

Well, now you do! And in honour of this massive market, the town showcases the Big Melon for all to see. The Big Melon was a result of a national online travel company competition to build a “new Big Thing”.

Stop by and take a photo of this magnificent 4 tonne melon, standing 3 metres tall and 9 metres wide. With bright pink shades representing a juicy watermelon slice, there’s no better way to embrace the town than to take a photo with the Big Melon on Warrego Highway between the railway crossing and the Chinchilla Visitor Information Centre.

Attend the Chinchilla Melon Festival

Again with the melons, but this time with a whole lot of action. Make an effort to attend the Chinchilla Melon Festival for some great fun involving a lot of melons.

Celebrating the 15th biannual event in 2022, the Chinchilla Melon Festival is the world’s largest melon festival – making it another reason why you should be here next year. Welcoming over 20,000 visitors for a unique once in a lifetime experience, the festival is perfect for all ages and filled with activities and events. Notable ones include Melon Skiing, Melon Pip Spitting, Melon Chariot Races, Melon Bungy, Melon Rodeo, Melon Parade, Melon Time Story Telling, Big Melon Weigh In & Most Marketable Melons, Melon Big Bash, Melon Farm Tours, and so much more.

The Melon Festival is definitely one not to be missed and can be found on some bucket lists. After all, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the warm hospitality of Chinchilla.

Go to a local Race Day

Coming up soon is the Troppo Race Day on Saturday 6 November 2021 held by the Chinchilla Race Club.

Featuring a tropical theme that will fill the club with Hawaiian shirts, chilled cocktails, and smooth live entertainment to keep your hips swaying all day.

Not many things can beat some chilled drinks to cool down on a hot spring day followed by great country racing.

Visit the Botanical Gardens

The Chinchilla Botanical Gardens won the 2020 Queensland Park of the Year award and was a $5.9 million project to develop.

Incorporating an abundance of local flora and fauna, the Botanic Gardens has many activities to explore, such as the Demonstration Garden, the Ephemeral Creek walk, the Megafauna Discovery area, the Water Park, and more. The park features custom paintwork and equipment that embraces the melon history of the town.

With so many wide open spaces to lay your picnic and enjoy the day with family and friends, a visit to the Botanical Gardens is a must for those looking for some fresh air, Mother Nature, and water splash fun.

Explore the Chinchilla Weir

If you’re looking to enjoy some water views, head to the Chinchilla Weir on the Condamine River, approximately 8 kilometres South East of Chinchilla.

A popular destination for watersports and fishing, bring along your fishing gear to try your luck at catching a golden perch, Murray cod, or silver perch.

Go to the Chinchilla Farmers Market

You’ll only find the freshest produce at reasonable prices in the Chinchilla Farmers Market. From organic produce and fruit trays to fruit gift baskets and specialty, gourmet foods, there’s no better place to explore the food sources of Chinchilla than here.

Meet the farmers behind your produce, learn about the history of agriculture, and explore the creative local creations at the Farmers Market on Warrego Highway.

You can even quench your thirst with fresh juices and smoothies as you wander from stall to stall.

Drop by or stay at the Commercial Hotel

If you’re looking for true local hospitality, there’s no better place to go to than the Commercial Hotel in Chinchilla.

Whether you’re just looking for a bite to eat or if you’re visiting from out of town and looking for a place to stay, the Commercial Hotel is ready to meet your needs.

Featuring a full range menu that has been specially curated to satisfy all eaters, you’ll find your classic favourites in here along with some great creations that will tease and please your taste buds. From mouth watering pizzas, juicy schnitzels, crispy wings to heavier mains like Atlantic Salmon, slow cooked lamb shanks, pork ribs, stuffed chicken, bangers and smash, to name a few, a meal at the Commercial Hotel Bistro is a Chinchilla dining experience not to be missed. Call (07) 4662 7524 to make a booking at the Bistro.

When it comes to good Chinchilla accommodation, the Commercial Hotel offers reasonable prices for a comfortable stay – which is backed by the raving reviews on Google (above 4*s from over 152 patrons). All rooms are fully air conditioned with TVs playing selected Austar channels. Click here to book a room online.