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Make a Splash in Chinchilla!

Make a Splash in Chinchilla!
on 01 August 2021 in Family

With winter out of the way, spring weather is coming in fast, which also means the sun shines brighter for longer and the heat is higher.

Combine this with the abundant energy that has been tucked away during those cold winter months and you’ll have yourself the urge to make a splash in Chinchilla. And we’ve got you covered in this article, so it’s time to explore where to go for some good ole’ water fun in Chinchilla this Spring.

The Chinchilla Aquatic and Fitness Centre

Opened 7 days a week and throughout the day, the Chinchilla Aquatic and Fitness Centre is the perfect place to go for those wanting to swim a few laps and cool down in a swimming pool.

The facility is community orientated, meaning friendly faces will surround and greet you. It has also been recently renovated, promising better facilities and quality pools and water features.

There is a 25-metre indoor pool that is heated, making it perfect for babies and little ones to stay warm as they experience their first strokes. You can also sign up your little ones for their very first swimming classes in this pool too.

The outdoor pool is where the real action happens, and at 50 metres long, it’s perfect for those looking to get fit before summer kicks in.

There is a shaded children’s play pool for little ones to enjoy, and a poolside cafe which means great downtime and recouping after doing your laps or when watching the kids.

Chinchilla Botanic Parkland Water Park

A $5.9 million project that was co-funded by the Queensland Government and the Western Downs Regional Council, the Chinchilla Botanic Parkland is an astonishing attraction that is a must-visit when in Chinchilla, Queensland.

Spanning 4.2 hectares, the attraction includes spots for community events to be held, nature and wilderness education, leisure and play. The expansive lawn spaces are great for picnics and activities for both recreation and town events.

With over 800 species of plants including local species such as the Chinchilla White Gum, White Cypress Pine, Willa and Silver Leafed Ironbark, Barakula wildflowers and wattles, the flora here on display is magnificent. So far, 1,400 plants have been planted with 3 kilometres of pathways laid and 5 scarred trees estimated to be over 170 years old. The Botanic Gardens is a safe haven for native animals, birds and insects, increasing the biodiversity in Chinchilla.

There is a Megafauna Discovery area, which features prehistoric Diprotodon, a giant wombat which happens to be the largest known marsupial, that used to inhabit the area.

Chinchilla is Australia’s melon capital, being responsible for 25% of the nation’s watermelon, honeydew and rockmelon production. The town also hosts a biennial Chinchilla Melon Festival which includes a melon skiing event.

And in honour of the significant impact melons have on the town, a custom designed Water Play Area featuring watermelon themes acts as a showpiece of the playscapes.

The water park is full of custom play equipment including a giant watermelon bucket that fills up with water and cascades over, watermelon wedges that spurt jets of water, watermelon coloured seats, and plenty of water features that make this splash pad the place to be for water fun and splash time in Chinchilla.

The custom design and paintwork in the water park has added a splash of creative life highlighting the identity of the town.

Kick back and relax Chinchilla Style

After having some splashing fun during the day, it’s time to kick back and relax Chinchilla style, especially if you’re looking to satisfy your appetite after all of the water action.

At the Commercial Hotel, our resident Chef’s team has curated a spectacular menu that will please a range of appetites. From light meals that pair nicely with a drink to heavier dishes that will fill you up after a hard day’s work, the Bistro at the Commercial Hotel has it all.

Featuring fantastic dishes such as teriyaki marinated Atlantic Salmon, stuffed breast chicken with camembert, baby spinach, sundried tomatoes and pine nuts, slow cooked lamb shank, grilled barramundi, pork ribs, bangers and smash, crispy chicken wings, 12 inch pizzas, schnitzels, to name a few.

The kids menu is also delightful, with dishes including spaghetti bolognese, Dino nuggets and chips, battered flathead and chips, and chicken schnitzel and chips. All kids meals come with a Dixie cup ice cream and a colouring pack.

Don’t miss out and make a booking by calling the Commercial Hotel team on (07) 4662 7524.